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Windows 10 via Windows Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 07 October 2014 07:04
Windows 10 via Windows Update
Microsoft recently launched the Windows Technical Preview to begin conducting feedback for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. The first build of Windows 10 to be issued via the Windows Technical Preview was build 9841, which can be clean installed or upgraded with an ISO. There's also another way Microsoft is testing the distribution of Windows 10, and that's natively via Windows Update. We're not entirely sure if this has been openly covered, or if many people know about it, but Microsoft is currently delivering the Windows 10 Technical Preview to Windows 7 users via Windows Update natively for those who have signed up for the Insider Program and are on Windows 7. Much like any normal update, Windows will see it as an update and install it, and depending on whether you've got automatic updates enabled, Windows 10 could just be installed without the user needing to do anything. Microsoft hasn't talked about this update process at all...For more turn to our forum.
Microsoft steams ahead with Windows 10 development, build 9855 recently compiled PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Saturday, 04 October 2014 10:39
It's only been four days since the Windows 10 Technical Preview was released to the public, however that doesn't mean the build that was issued with the Technical Preview is new. Windows 10 build 9841 was compiled on September 12, which was around three weeks ago. That's ancient in development time, so it's no surprise that build 9855 was recently compiled. Thanks to the "preview builds" ability (which doesn't currently work) in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, users who are using the Technical Preview have managed to see some more recent builds of Windows 10. According to logs that appear when the operating system is attempting to connect to the update server, the operating system is seeing builds as new as a few days ago. Build 9855 was compiled on October 2nd, just two days ago. For those who are keeping count (I am!), the full build string reads: 9855.0.141002-1432.winmain_CLIENTPRO_RET_x64fre_en-us.esd
5 things Microsoft users should know about Windows 10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 01 October 2014 15:36
SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft has taken the wraps off Windows 10, the next big version of its iconic operating system. Consumers and businesses won't get it until 2015. After unveiling a sneak peek to the press on Tuesday, Microsoft today is making available a technical preview for IT professionals and other very experienced computer users who apply for the company's Windows Insider program. Here's what we know now about Windows 10: IT WILL BE ON ALL SORTS OF DEVICES Microsoft is talking about a unified version of Windows that will be tailored for a broad spectrum of devices: PCs, of course, and tablets and phones. But also "connected" everyday appliances known as the Internet of Things. And even, eventually, its Xbox gaming console. The idea is that there will be a familiar framework that will be tailored depending on whether you are using Windows on a small screen like a phone or tablet, or

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