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Office desktop apps now available for download by ALL Windows 10 S PCs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 06 August 2017 18:57

In May Microsoft released Office desktop app for Windows 10 S, but at the time they were only available for the Surface Laptop, which was not much of a problem as it was the only Windows 10 S PC available. The OS is now however available to download as an ISO for educators to test, and several cheap laptops running the OS have now been released for the back to school season.
According to reports by WBI Microsoft has now made the Office desktop apps available to download by all Windows 10 S PCs and installations. And, for a limited time, Microsoft is including 1 year of Office 365 Personal on Surface devices running Windows 10 S that ship during the preview period. With this subscription, customers can get 1TB of free storage on OneDrive, full access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The following apps will be part of Office in the Windows Store to customers with Surface devices running Windows 10 S: ... read more here

Microsoft, Lenovo to Ship Sub-$300 Windows 10 S Notebooks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 05 August 2017 15:57

One of the strangest things about Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s Chromebook competitor and locked-down educational OS play, is that Microsoft chose to debut it with a $1,000 Surface Laptop, as opposed to the $150-$300 space where Chromebooks typically compete. Granted, the Surface Laptop ships with a free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro through the end of 2017, after which it’ll cost $50. But that device was still an odd way to showcase a restricted OS, given its price point. Today, that situation is finally being rectified, with the release of new Lenovo laptops like the N23 and N24. That said, there’s some conflicting information about the N23 and N24, even in Microsoft’s own store and Lenovo’s website. For one thing, only the N23 is showing up as available at Lenovo, even though MS has links to CDW-G for both systems.... read more by visiting our Windows 10 & Tech Forum

Sonic Mania features Bonus Stages and Time Attack PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 03 August 2017 20:51

Following Sega’s San Diego Comic-Con announcement that Special Stages will be a feature in Sonic Mania, today the team revealed that Bonus Stages (Blue Spheres) and Time Attack have also been included in the game. In Blue Spheres, players navigate Sonic, Tails or Knuckles through a series of blue spheres to clear the stage. But be careful, once touched, the blue spheres will turn red. Touching a red sphere instantly ends the Bonus Stage. Silver Medallions are awarded to players who complete the Bonus Stage while collecting all the blue spheres and rings awards players with a perfect score and a Gold Medallion. Time Attack was also revealed to be a new mode in Sonic Mania. Prove you’re the best of the best in Time Attack, which lets players compete for fastest speed in the world by recording their time in the game’s online leaderboard. In Special Stages, players chase down enemy UFOs to secure various Chaos Emeralds. Collecting blue spheres along the way will give their character an added boost of speed to their meter. Once the meter fills up, the Mach level increases. Just watch out and don’t speed off the stage!

Schools can now order the first low-cost Windows 10 S devices PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 02 August 2017 16:09

The first low-cost Windows 10 S devices are now available for schools to purchase. Microsoft has announced that the first low-cost Windows 10 S devices are now available for schools to purchase. Starting today, Microsoft says, schools can get their hands on the Lenovo N23 and N24 for $249 and $279, respectively (via Neowin). These two are just the start, however. Microsoft also highlighted the following devices that will be coming soon with Windows 10 S on board: ASUS Vivobook W202 ($279 USD), available in the US Dell Latitude 3180 ($229 USD) and 3189 ($299), available in the US and Canada Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P727 ($999 USD), available in the US and Canada HP ProBook x360 11EE ($299 USD), available in the US, UK and Australia Of course, the very first Windows 10 S device to hit the market was the Surface Laptop, which debuted in May. Its $999 price tag makes it out of reach for most school uses, however, which is where these low-cost Windows 10 S devices from other manufacturers come in. It's also worth noting that Microsoft has provided an easy-to-use installer that allows schools to install and test Windows 10 S on eligible PCs that already have Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro Education, Windows 10 Education, or Windows 10 Enterprise installed. If you're an IT administrator, this is intended to be a handy way to test and provide feedback on Windows 10 S on a variety of devices in use at your school. Source windowscentral

Windows Subsystem for Linux Exits Beta PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 19:48

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), a new Windows 10 feature that enables you to run native Linux command-line tools directly on Windows, alongside your traditional Windows desktop and modern store apps, is no longer in beta and will be fully supported in the Fall Creators Update later this year. Users will be able to share and access files on the Windows filesystem from within Linux, and call Linux executables from Windows and vice versa. We're excited to announce that in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (FCU) due to ship in fall 2017, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will no longer be a beta feature and will become a fully supported Windows feature. Early adopters on the Windows Insider program will notice that WSL is no longer marked as a beta feature as of Insider build 16251. This will be great news for those who've held-back from employing WSL as a mainline toolset: You'll now be able to leverage WSL as a day-to-day developer toolset, and become ever more productive when building, testing, deploying, and managing your apps and systems on Windows 10. Source: Posted by Megalith

How to disable the Windows 10 welcome screen after updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 16:04

With the Windows 10 Creator’s Update rolling out from last week, there’s a long install period followed by an welcome screen with Microsoft’s highlighted features.
Not everyone is a fan of those welcome pages, indeed some people just plan to use Windows as they used it before, which is how their grandfathers used it and how their children will use it – as a chrome and office launcher. Others may already know all these features, and so it isn’t important to get them highlighted. Microsoft has stealthily added an option to disable the welcome screen from the Creators Update onwards. So while you won’t be able to use it now from, it’ll take effect from the Fall Creators Update onwards for a regular user, and on Insider builds for Insiders. How to disable the Windows 10 Update Welcome screen

You can buy this 18-carat gold mini PC… for $1 million PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 30 July 2017 14:44

Swiss company Prime Computer offers a line of small, fanless desktop computers that are basically modified versions of Intel’s NUC mini PCs. Priced at 1,099 Swiss Franks ($1135) and up, they’re not exactly cheap. But now the company is offering something really special (and expensive): a computer covered in 18-carat gold. It’s a limited-edition model that will sell for $1 million. And it’ll probably be a solid gold doorstop eventually, since there’s no easy way to upgrade the processor on this type of computer. I guess the good news is that the 7 kilograms (about 15 pounds) of gold used in the case will probably hold its value even as the PC’s specs start to look dated. The little computer does offer some decent specs: it has an Intel Core i5 processor and supports up to 32GB of RAM and up to 5 terabytes of solid state storage. It comes with Windows 10 Pro or Linux-based software. And if a gold-encrusted PC isn’t extravagant enough for you, there’s also an option to cover the power button with a precious stone. Clearly, the limited edition Prime Computer computer with a gold case is a luxury item for folks who’d rather spend $1 million too much on a PC than find something better to do with their money. But as FanlessTech notes, there is one (kind of) practical benefit to using gold: it’s a durable material that conducts heat pretty well, so it should be at least as effective as aluminum in helping dissipate heat in this fanless computer.

CIA hacking tool exposes myth of “safe” Mac and Linux computers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Friday, 28 July 2017 18:46

WikiLeaks today revealed 3 new hacking tools built by the CIA that target Mac and Linux computers. The leaked hacking tools are supposedly related to the CIA’s so-called Imperial project.
The first hacking tool called Achilles is probably the most interesting out of the three. Achilles can be used by CIA operators to essentially pack malicious applications with an actual macOS app (.dmg) for one-time execution. Once a user installs the infected file, the malicious app would run in the background without the user noticing its execution, and it’ll also self-destruct — leaving the actual application look untouched. The first version of Achilles was built back in 2011, tested only on macOS’ Snow Leopard (10.6).


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